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So human beings, all of us, myself included are wired to think negatively. We fall into safety mode and fear mode by default, like we are a small animal in a jungle of lions.

The only way to win and keep winning is to recognize it, acknowledge it, then proceed anyway.

I’ll give you an example. Before hiring a new person this week, by default my thinking went:

“What if I can’t find someone good?” “What if he or she can’t do the job?” “What if they make mistakes or are untrustworthy?”

‘What if this happens and what if that happens’ = the language of the poor, I reminded myself, and proceeded anyways even with those negative thoughts. Instead, I had to remind myself “Or... maybe it will work out. Maybe it will all go well. Maybe it will be a great fit and exactly what we need.” And so far it’s been great.

Another example. Sometimes when we are getting a big order we start to think: “What if I can’t deliver on time?” “What if I mess up?” “What if the client doesn’t like it?”

Again, ‘What if this happens and what if that happens’ = the language of the poor. Instead we must remind ourselves well maybe it will go great! Maybe the client will love it and I’ll get more orders. Maybe I will increase my business and have fun making this awesome order and then proceed forward.

By this elevated way of thinking and seeking the good that can happen we open ourselves up for blessings and more good to happen, we tend to take more risks which leads to more good and success, and most importantly we stress less on the small, negative stuff and get energized focusing on the positive stuff!

So remember guys, next time you are having these conversations with yourself, Stop and Analyze. Are you thinking in the language of the poor? You don’t want to stay in that frame of mind.. you want to switch and think: What good can happen from this move, this order, this decision. Then proceed with confidence and determination to work hard to get the job done right!

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When creating a video, often times as soon as the camera turns on it does something to us. Like, "Oh my God the camera is on, I better say something profound" or simpler "Okay the camera is on, let me speak in my Cool Voice now". However, this sort of change is the furthest away from authenticity we can get! We want to aim to create content where it sounds like our normal conversation; perhaps with a 10% energy boost so we aren't putting people to sleep on the other end. I used to have a GAP between who I was and how I spoke off camera vs on camera. And my wife and brothers would make fun of me. Then with practice, practice and more practice I got MUCH BETTER. And not the kind of practice you are thinking where I am just doing it and no-one is seeing it. No, the kind of practice from creating videos and posting them. With each one I got a little better and more comfortable. And now, about 2 years in I'm at the point now where video creation has become a part of my regular life. I speak the same, give off the same energy and deliver the same with camera on or off.

Because of this I am more relaxed, confident AND people trust me more. I have this level of authenticity, like I have no reason to overhype or oversell a product. I'm just being me, talking about the benefits and drawbacks of it and how to use it/print on it/wear it! Another thing I do on my company and personal Instagram and Facebook Story is talk about what I am doing today or what the company is making and shipping today. I simply just story tell and say like "Here is what is shipping out today" and I show the product or the shipment going out. With each of these stories marketing is taking place as hundreds of views are seen on each post, while I am effortlessly and AUTHENTICALLY just sharing what's going on. This alone brings in business and trust!

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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Do I need to hire a media agency?

Where do I find an amazing camera man?

Once I get a media company to back me then I can start?

Do I need a video editor?

No, no, no, yes!!!

Something I dealt personally with when I was creating content for Silky Socks was video creation woes. I spent a good amount of about 2 years hiring and firing video creators. Everything from free lance videographers who wanted like $500/video to shoot and edit, to friends that were up and coming videographers and offered the work for free, to hiring in-house cameramen and editors who worked for $16-20/hour.

NONE OF THAT WORKED! It got me running in circles after circles and yes content was being made, produced and posted. However I exerted tons of valuable energy in finding the above, scheduling them to work, agreeing on payment, explaining my vision and then shooting the video with them, THEN waiting for editing and FINALLY seeing a final result that was par at best. I told myself in my mind that this is the only way. "I don't have time to do it myself and without hired help", I would tell myself. Until eventually one day, I said "Enough".

I got to shooting myself with my iPhone or 2 phones sometimes (a Main angle and a side angle) and tripods. I now said to myself, "The content starts and ends with me." And I don't need anymore hurdles. I will do this myself and I will fail or succeed myself with telling the story of my products and services. If people don't watch then I may not be doing something right or my products just aren't that great. WELL THEY WATCHED! 1 year and 150,000 views later on my top Silky Socks Youtube video, business is blowing up and has never been better! Editor? Well I did hire an editor. A freelance editor from Upwork (a hiring site to hire freelance talent from anywhere in the world). My editor takes the load off me big time. I pay him a set amount per video for just his role: Editing. I take it upon myself to come up with: - The Idea

- The Script (In outline form. Example shown below).

- The Shooting

- The Uploading of the Raw Footage

Then he takes it upon himself to Download, edit as per my script and put together a draft for me to review. With this system, we have streamlined the process and found loads of consistency and success, and for a low cost. I only pay his editing fee now, and he is happy and I am more than pumped to shoot and send him new work to do!

Now that I have the system down, then comes the question: What makes successful content?

That comes down to: Do I have something of value to say? Am I teaching? I am! Am I entertaining? Well in an educational way I try to be myself and be funny, creative and engaging with my content! Not overdoing it, as its not a comedy show. People are there to learn, but I also want to be myself and allow me to show sides of my personality, interests, hobbies, lifestyle and even my family/home life a bit. At the end of the day, with each new Upload and new video my audience is getting to know a little bit more about me AND learning something valuable in their interest (in this case Sublimation).

Jim Rohn says, keys to being a successful motivation speaker are "Have something good to say and say it well." And I'm doing just that...

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