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The Language of the Poor:

So human beings, all of us, myself included are wired to think negatively. We fall into safety mode and fear mode by default, like we are a small animal in a jungle of lions.

The only way to win and keep winning is to recognize it, acknowledge it, then proceed anyway.

I’ll give you an example. Before hiring a new person this week, by default my thinking went:

“What if I can’t find someone good?” “What if he or she can’t do the job?” “What if they make mistakes or are untrustworthy?”

‘What if this happens and what if that happens’ = the language of the poor, I reminded myself, and proceeded anyways even with those negative thoughts. Instead, I had to remind myself “Or... maybe it will work out. Maybe it will all go well. Maybe it will be a great fit and exactly what we need.” And so far it’s been great.

Another example. Sometimes when we are getting a big order we start to think: “What if I can’t deliver on time?” “What if I mess up?” “What if the client doesn’t like it?”

Again, ‘What if this happens and what if that happens’ = the language of the poor. Instead we must remind ourselves well maybe it will go great! Maybe the client will love it and I’ll get more orders. Maybe I will increase my business and have fun making this awesome order and then proceed forward.

By this elevated way of thinking and seeking the good that can happen we open ourselves up for blessings and more good to happen, we tend to take more risks which leads to more good and success, and most importantly we stress less on the small, negative stuff and get energized focusing on the positive stuff!

So remember guys, next time you are having these conversations with yourself, Stop and Analyze. Are you thinking in the language of the poor? You don’t want to stay in that frame of mind.. you want to switch and think: What good can happen from this move, this order, this decision. Then proceed with confidence and determination to work hard to get the job done right!

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