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Authenticity is a SKILL in content creation

When creating a video, often times as soon as the camera turns on it does something to us. Like, "Oh my God the camera is on, I better say something profound" or simpler "Okay the camera is on, let me speak in my Cool Voice now". However, this sort of change is the furthest away from authenticity we can get! We want to aim to create content where it sounds like our normal conversation; perhaps with a 10% energy boost so we aren't putting people to sleep on the other end. I used to have a GAP between who I was and how I spoke off camera vs on camera. And my wife and brothers would make fun of me. Then with practice, practice and more practice I got MUCH BETTER. And not the kind of practice you are thinking where I am just doing it and no-one is seeing it. No, the kind of practice from creating videos and posting them. With each one I got a little better and more comfortable. And now, about 2 years in I'm at the point now where video creation has become a part of my regular life. I speak the same, give off the same energy and deliver the same with camera on or off.

Because of this I am more relaxed, confident AND people trust me more. I have this level of authenticity, like I have no reason to overhype or oversell a product. I'm just being me, talking about the benefits and drawbacks of it and how to use it/print on it/wear it! Another thing I do on my company and personal Instagram and Facebook Story is talk about what I am doing today or what the company is making and shipping today. I simply just story tell and say like "Here is what is shipping out today" and I show the product or the shipment going out. With each of these stories marketing is taking place as hundreds of views are seen on each post, while I am effortlessly and AUTHENTICALLY just sharing what's going on. This alone brings in business and trust!

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