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This is really the GAME CHANGER for me. 

I started off weak, then I got a little better, then a LOT better.  I'll explain how.. 

In 2014 I started the Silky Socks Youtube channel. However from about 2014-2017 my goal was to entertain and make cool basketball or sports highlight videos in our socks.  Like everyone else just trying to look cool, be cool and have cool models and influencers rep our stuff.  The views were not great, engagement was even worse, and it took more energy than it brought back to us.  It DID NOT WORK. 

In 2018, I finally got enough confidence to start my own "Life at Silky" VLOG where I hired someone to follow me around and we would show behind the scenes of what we were working on at the office while also mixing in lifestyle, cool highlights and sort of a Day In the Life series.  It was much better than the previous approach, but still it was NOT OUR BEST WORK.

Then finally, in March 2019, I decided I've had enough of trying to be this or that.  That it's time to unveil the curtains, be as authentic as possible and SHOOT MY SHOT.  It was going to be just me, my 2 cameras and I was going to show the world what you can do with Silky Socks and be myself, include a bit of myself and my personality into the video while focusing 80% on the teaching/training side of it.  That 80% was enough to bring value and that last 20% held enough creativity to keep the audience entertained and take a liking to me and the company Silky Socks.  That video, "The Best Way to Fully Sublimate Socks" went on to hit 150,000 views within 1 year, brought us tons of attention, business and sales and continues to do so.  More importantly, however, it gave me the confidence that in being myself, being authentic and just sharing your product on YouTube RAW and STRAIGHT FORWARD you can REALLY WIN! 


This PLATFORM IS UNDERRATED!  Like many my age or younger for years I didn't take Facebook seriously or even post content on it.  However as a Business-to-Business supplier of products or services there is no better way to reach, teach and engage with your audience than a Facebook group!  I launched a Silky Socks FB group in September 2019, and by March 2020 we hit 5000 members and business has more than doubled!  It is now the place where I post the most pictures and videos, including live product demos, industry knowledge and value however I can bring it to our members.  The Youtube channel supports the FB group and vice versa as we have an ongoing audience finding us from Youtube that now joins our FB group, and the success of the Youtube channel gives us credibility on Facebook.  There is simply NOTHING that can compare to the FAMILY LIKE following and feeling we get from this Industry specific Facebook Group:  Sublimation With Silky Socks


This is where Silky Socks was first noticed.  Since creating the company in 2013, I was active on the Silky Socks Instagram channel DAILY. Posting 1, 2, 3 sometimes more times per day.  We went from first selling socks with sneaker matches, to growing heavy as a basketball brand and custom socks leader.  We went heavy in influencer marketing, teaming up with lots of influencers and sending them products or having them do sponsored posts for us and give us shoutouts for a fee.  However that ran its course and now the page shares behind the scenes posts daily at what is going on in our factory, whats being made and product updates!  We stay active on it as possible and continue to tell our story!  

I also post daily stories on my personal Instagram page @danneshkassamali and share aspects of my life and my business journey.  Documenting the process and staying active because you NEVER KNOW WHO IS WATCHING and what value you can bring them, or what opportunities that can lead to. 


 Create Create Create  Document the Journey     Take 5 mins to Reach 100s    Be Authentic  Hustle    Consistency    Story Telling   Keep Trying 

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